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Chairs/High Care Air Comfort Chairs/Beds

Total Records: 56

Somerset Lounge Chair
Clean Styling. Suitable for Classic or Contemporary Decor with Quality Construction for Aged Care and Facilities. Superior comfort and accessibility. Stocked in 3 Crypton Fabrics - anti microbial and waterproof. SWL 120kg. Warranty 2 Years. (NEW 2 AND 3 SEATER COUCH OPTIONS AVAILABLE)

Price: $874.50 including GST

Nordic Reclina-Lift Chair
Our Longest running model - Compact and Stylish and popular for the smaller individual. 3 pillow segmented (refillable) back cushion. Unique construction incorporating fully moulded seat and back. Hi Leg Lift. Genuine Leggatt & Platt mechanism. SWL 130kg, Warranty 2 years. Dimensions: Seat Height 45cm, Overall Height 104cm, Back Height 65cm, Seat Width 52cm, Overall Width 70cm, Seat Depth 49cm, Overall Depth 80cm. Available in Beige/Brown/Blue Suede Fabric and Floral Cream/Pink and Green/Blue Floral fabric.

Price: $1,595.00 GST free

Initial Reclina-Lift Chair
Entry Level Reclina-Lift Chair with Genuine Leggatt & Platt mechanism. SWL 120KG. 12 Month Warranty. Dimensions: Seat Height 47cm, Overall Height 107cm, Seat Width 45cm, Overall Width 70cm, Seat Depth 52cm. Available in Blue and Brown Suede Fabric. Single Motor.

Price: $995.00 GST free

High Care Mobile Electric Lift and Recline Chair
SMB24 High Care Mobile Electric Lift and Recline Chair with Push Handles is ideal choice for Hospital and Facility - Wall Saver function and Lift Assist function. Ultra Fresh antimicrobial Dunlop foam with 5 year guarantee. Triple Roll Back , 175mm free wheeling front wheels, 100mm rear swivel castors. Footbrake. SWL 130kg. Controls are standard on right side but available on left by request. 24v Rechargeable battery. complete mobile operation. Designed with safety in mind and ease of movement and operation. Powered by the 24v Rechargeable battery system with a large range of options to suit most Hospitals or Facilities. Available in Pistacio Green and Light Beige 4 way stretch fabric over memory foam.

Price: $2,995.00 GST free

Monarch Power Lift & Recline Armchair
Power lift and recline armchair. Seamed Backrest provides additional lumbar support. Padded legrest is synchronised with the backrest. Full chaise pad provides additional legrest support and comfort. Supplied with magazine pocket. Hand held controller is very simple to use. Rise and recline motion stops at any point when button is released. Available in range of fabrics and vinyls. Also available with DUAL MOTOR 8117D which enables legrest to operate independently of backrest. Addidtional Charge for Dual Motor. Seat Width 550mm, Seat Depth 520mm, Seat Height 500mm, Arm Height 170mm, Back Height 700mm, Overall Width 820mm, Max User Weight 130kg

Price: $995.00 GST free

Floreat Reclina-Lift Chair
Fully Automatic Recline & Lift. 2 Pillow Segmented back cushion. High Quality Construction. Genuine Leggatt & Platt mechanism. Dual Motor full recline action. SWL 130kg. Warranty 2 years. Dimensions: Seat Height 48cm, Overall Height 112cm, Back Height 72cm, Seat Width 53cm, Overall Width 86cm, Seat Depth 49cm, Overall Depth 85cm. Available in Beige, Brown and Dark Blue Suede.

Price: $1,600.00 including GST

Toronto Reclina-Lift Chair
Fully Automatic Recline & Lift. 3 Pillow segmented back cushion. High Quality Construction. Genuine Leggatt & Platt Mechanism. SWL 130kg. Warranty 2 years. Dimensions: Seat Height 48cm, Overall Height 112cm, Back Height 74cm, Seat Width 53cm, Overall Width 88cm, Seat Depth 50cm, Overall Depth 85cm. Available in Beige/Brown/Blue Suede Fabric.

Price: $1,695.00 GST free

Assist -a-lift Wide 33" Seat Width Bariatric Size
Powered Armchair which assists the user in sitting and standing. Extra wide seat width and reinforced frame to suit the bariatric user. Provides a comfortable seat with infnite rise and recline positions. Supplied with head cover, arm covers and magazine pocket. Adjustable neck pillow provides comfort and support to the head and neck area. backrest and legrest can be operated independently to suit individual user requirements.

Price: $ GST free

Shower Stool
Shower Stool - Powder Coated White. Anti Rust treated Mild Steel Frame. Large and comfortable moulded seat with non-slip surface for added safety. Fully Height Adjustable with non slip rubber feet - shower stool - SWL 110kg - with intermediate position on one leg for small shower recess drain trap. Excellent solution for small space.

Price: $69.00 GST free

Heavy Duty Shower Chair with Arms
Fully height adjustable Shower Chair with arms and removable backrest. SWL 150kg. Superbly comfortable and lightweight for easy transportation and storage. Wide and comfortable for both standard and bariatric market. Will never rust or discolour. Award winning ergonomic design. Footprint 50 x 60cm, Width Between Arms 63cm, Overall Depth WITH removable Backrest 45cm

Price: $289.00 GST free

Carewatch Chair Alarm and Sensor Pad
Falls account for 40% of all injury deaths in the elderly (WHO Global Report 2012) - Safety and Mobility are the sole Australian Distributers for the Carewatch Chair Alarm and Sensor Pad. The System is SIMPLE and VERY EFFECTIVE, comes with Optional Nurse Call Interface, Volume, Tempo and Tone Adjustable. Has an instant flashing alert indicator and Automatic Reset. Low Battery Indicator and is water and incontinent proof. When Patient Mobilises an alarm sounds from the control unit alerting the Carer that the Patient is at risk of a Fall. Used in both Community Care and Residential Care around the world and now in Australia!

Price: $225.00 GST free

Legrest - Hilite/Utility
Provides comfort and support for the legs and feet, adjustable in height and angle to suit individual requirements. Ideal for patients with fluid or circulatory problems. Height 420-570mm, width 410mm, length 510mm

Price: $189.00 GST free

1985-200mm Non Slip Rubber
1986 - 125mm Non Slip Rubber
1987 - 125mm Padded top
1988 - 200mm Padded top
Please state item choice when ordering from Safety and Mobility Pty Ltd - Tel 02 9983 9520.
Provides support for the feet. Assists in the correction of hip angle. Rubber surface (models 1985/1986) provide added grip. Padded footrests available in range of fabric and vinyls.
Length 240mm, Width 400mm

Price: $110.00 including GST

Footrocker Footstool
Provides comfort and support for the legs and feet, ideal for patients with fluid or circulatory problems, lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, rocking base provides desired angle. Height 390mm, width 430mm, length 330/260mm

Price: $279.95 GST free

Kitchen Stool
Ideal for use in the kitchen or any activity where a perched seating position is of assistance. Height adjustable to suit individual user requirements. Padded seat and backrest for added comfort. Powder coated mild steel frame. Seat width 390mm, Seat depth 320mm, Seat height 540mm-690mm, Back height 390mm, Overall width 570mm, Max user weight 100kg

Price: $237.00 including GST

Bedside Commode Deluxe Royale
Bedside chair for toileting, supplied with padded seat and concealed commode bowl, curved padded backrest for added support, padded seat cover slides back for easy access to commode, one piece moulded commode base for hygiene purposes, commode bowl reatures a unique lid locking design to assist transportation, quality polished beechwood frame, made in UK, Seat width 430mm, seat depth 450mm, seat height 440mm, arm height 240mm, max user weight 150kg. Suitable for bariatric user

Price: $999.95 GST free

Delux Adjustable Steel Commode Chair
Delux Soft Padded Removable Seat and Soft Padded Backrest for maximum comfort as day chair and then underneath descreatly hidden away is an equally soft, full padded toilet seat. Supplied with Commode Pot and Lid. Fully height adjustable from 46-56cm seat height and width is 46cm. Easy Cleaning for infection Control -Requires no tools to assemble and SWL 120kg. This dual function chair is a firm favorite with Clients and Occupational Therapists Australia Wide.

Price: $199.00 GST free

Bedside Commode with Swingback Arms
Bedside chair for toileting, supplied with removable padded seat and full width removable toilet seat and commode bowl, frame is height adjustable to suit individual user requirements, swing back arms assist with side transfers, front vanity skirt conceals commode bowl, swingout bowl for easy removal, removable back for storage and transportation, fitted with non-slip rubber tips, zinc treated to prevent rusting, powder coated mild steel frame. Australian made. Seat width 440mm, seat depth 440mm, seat height 460-580mm, arm height 220mm, max user weight 100kg

Price: $539.00 GST free

Gelina - Med Level Pressure Care with Gel Insert
- Visco-Elastic Memory Foam with Gel Insert. Dimensions 46 x 40 x 10cm
- Innovative High Density Moulded Visco-Elastic Memory Foam with Gel Insert.
- Waterproof/Breathable washable zip off 3D cover. Flame resistant.
- AEGIS Antibacterial Moisture Managment.
- Fully welded seams for infection control. Non-slip bottom.
- Multipurpose seat cushion with additional coccyx support and maintains lumbar spine optimal curve.
Highly recommended by OT's and Physios for Nursing Home and those requiring Pressure Care and Pressure Management whilst seating.

Price: $255.00 GST free

Smoking Protector Apron
The Smoking Protector is designed to protect the smoker if they drop a cigarette on their lap. It is made from Kevlar and Nomex (used by firefighters and racing car drivers) and can be washed without losing it's fire retarding properties.

It is important not to have a false sense of security with items like this. Patients will still need to be constantly supervised while smoking as the cigarette may fall next to the patient's legs or on the chair next to their hip. If the cigarette is not removed within a few seconds the Protector may be stained by the nicotine or scorched by the heat.

Washing instructions: Hand or machine wash only, up to 80°C. Do not tumble dry or wring - air dry only.

Price: $139.00 GST free

Zephyr Medium Level Pressure Care Cushion
Utilising both "Bayer" Visco-Elastic Memory Foam and Air Fill - Superb Medium Level Pressure Care Cushion. Infinately adjustable to suit your exact requirements. Bayer innovative visco-elastic memory foam, Breathable 3D Cover with AEGIS Antibacteria moisture management. Non Slip Bottom. Waterproof Seat Cusion with Washable Cover. Adjustable Air Valve for effortless adjustments to exact comfort and support requirements. maintains lumbar spine optimal curve. Affordable and Highly Effective. Used in both Hospital, Rehabilitation and Residential Care for Medium Level Pressure Care.
45 x 40 x 8cm.

Price: $250.00 GST free

Roho Contour Select High Level Pressure Care Cush
Cells are inteconnected and their unique shape promotes blood circulation to facilitate pressure prevention healing and relief. Flexible cells adapt to patient contours and reduce shear forces while transferring or repositioning, as the body is immerserd in the cushion greater contact area is achieved for the dispersion of pressure hence the pressure on any one area is minimised. Contoured design made up of high and low profile cells, positions the pelvis back in the wheelchair and ventres the user comfortable in the middle of the cushion. Enhances midline channelling of the femurs providing greater lateral stability. After air pressure is adjusted ISOFLO valve prevents air flow between quadrants, assisting the positioning and postural stability of the client. Durable neoprene construction is soft to suit skin sensitivity and is easily cleaned. Breathable zippered lycra cover with a non-slip base, supplied with pump - all models have height 65-100mm, all have NO max user weight.

Price: $859.00 GST free

Action Pilot Med/High Level Pressure Care
Quality polymer gel, helps promote even pressure distribution, polymer gel unlike fluid gel does not displace from areas requiring pressure relief. Isolates and protects areas where shear forces and pressure points are prevalent. Polymer provides significant shock and impact absorption. Pad does not promote bacterial growth making it ideal for multi client use. pad is sealed by a waterproof film within a breathable cover and non slip base. 8 different sizes available upon request. NO weight limit

Price: $410.00 GST free

Foam Ring Cushion
Soft open cell foam economy cushion, ideal for the short term user requiring comfort and support, supplied with cotton overslip. Outside diameter 430mm, Inside diameter 110mm, cushion height 90mm, max user weight 100kg

Price: $97.00 GST free

Patient Swivel Seat
Comfortable padded rotating seat - assists the user in transfers from a seated position.

Price: $110.00 GST free

Spring Loaded Over Bed/Chair Table
Lightweight Spring Loaded Over Bed/Chair Mobile Table. Popular Hospital Style - Suitable to use over the bed or chair. Ideal to use while eating and other household activities. Adjustable table height. Moulded Top with Raised lip edge prevents items from slipping off table top. Wide base for greater stability. U Shape base enables the table to be positioned closer to the chair and the user. Fitted with four locking swivel castors. Powder coated mild steel construction. Table Width - 810mm, Table Depth 450mm, Table Height 730-102mm. Modern Beechwood Colour - Very Stable and Functional.

Price: $440.00 including GST

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