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Standard Kettle tipper
Designed to assist in pouring boiling water from a standard kettle, kettle is held in place by four adjustable pillars with non slip rings and plastic knobs, when handle is pushed gently forward the platform pivots on its white coated wire frame. Raised coated metal tilting platform takes most standard electric kettles. non slip feet for added safety. kettle not included

Price: $115.00 GST free

Jug Kettle Tipper
Designed to assist in pouring boiling water from a jug kettle. Pivots on a raised wire frame by gentle pressure on the handle to assist in pouring water into teapot, mug or cup. Kettle sits in the cradle and is secured by elasticised velcro strap. Frame has a built in stop for positioning the mug and a back stop to prevent spillage if kettle is accidently released during pouring. Non slip feet for added safety. Kettle not included

Price: $110.00 GST free

Tap Turners
Provides leverage inn turning cross handled taps. hooks over existing taps. Strong moulded plastic. Supplied as red and blue (pair) for hot and cold taps

Price: $39.95 including GST

Crystal Tap Turner
Ingenious device clamps around the top of the cylindrical tap tops. Barrel of handle is spring loaded to allow the jaws to clamp down on the tap. Tap is gripped by soft non slip rubber linings in the jaws. Jaws can be locked into position. Handle is comfortable and easy to grip. For use with taps up to 60mm in diameter - closed length 190mm, weight 95g

Price: $58.30 including GST

Clyde Grater and Scraper
Ideal for one handed peeling or grating. White epoxy coated steel frame, grating unit fitted with a plated metal mesh blade. stainless steel spike attachment included for holding vegetables while using a manual peeler. spikes are blunt ended for safety. top section is easily detached for cleaning. base sixe 220 x 180mm, height 70mm, weight 510g

Price: $54.95 including GST

Belliclamp Jar and Bottle Opener
Assists one handed opening of jars and bottles, made from moulded plastic with non slip feet and rubber lining. Device hooks over the edge of a benchtop and jar or bottle is placed in the V. Object is clamped by the plastic sliding arm which can be pushed with the stomach or hip leaving both hands free to twist the lid. Suitable for jars up to 120mm diameter. Weight 625g

Price: $175.00 GST free

Food Preparation System
Durable injection moulded cutting board. Ideal for those who have difficulty in gripping or only have the use of one hand. Clamp fixes items such as tins, bowls or food items, stainless steel spikes hold vegetables while cutting or peeling, four non slip rubber feet and suction pads provided for secure use. 320mm, depth 300mm, weight 1.35kg

Price: $239.00 including GST

Gordon Peeler With Clamp for One handed Peeling
Assists one handed fruit and vegetable peeling, clamps to the work surface by a sliding mechanism, operated by holding the vegetable and pushing it over the blade away from the user, hardened swivelling blade is slotted into the top, peelings drop onta a plate (not supplied), placed behind the peeler, suitable for work surfaces 12 to 55mm thick, weight 490g

Price: $125.00 GST free

Spillnot Jar and Bottle Opener
Assists one handed opening of jars and bottles. Features three sunken cones of different sizes, lined with non slip material. When a jar or bottle is pressed in the appropriate cone, it is gripped, leaving both hands free to twist the top. Fitted with four non slip feet, suitable for jars 44 to 108mm diameter, weight 420g

Price: $79.00 including GST

Twister Jar Opener
Assists opening of jars and bottles, cone shaped rubber moulding with fluted finger grips, ribbing on the inside provides grip for opening jar lids, suitable for lids 20-85mm diameter. weight 80g

Price: $24.95 including GST

Spread Board
Assists one handed spreading of bread etc. durable one piece injection moulded plastic. L shaped lip in one corner holds bread slice etc. in place. four non slip rubber feet provided for secure use. width 255mm, length 180mm, weight 180g

Price: $39.95 including GST

Queens Cutlery
Wide range of stainless steel utensils mounted into a built up plastic handle to help those with weak or restricted grip. The handle is cylindrical to assist with gripping. The items are hygienically sealed, easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Handle lengths are all 100mm, handle diameters are all 30mm

Price: $29.95 GST free

Amefa Angled Knife
Angled blade assist cutting with a rocker action involving little movement of the wrist. Durable serrated stainless steel blade. Straight built up plastic handle. Dishwasher safe. Length 140mm Weight 80g

Price: $98.00 GST free

Rocker Knife
Ideal for people with upper extremity weakness or limited wrist movement. Requires minimal effort to use. Wide stainless steel blade is only sharpened over a protion of the blade for increased safety. Removable handle. Dishwasher safe. Can be used in conjunction with other handles. Length 180mm, weight 75g

Price: $54.00 GST free

Manoy Angled Spoon Left or Right
Designed for one handed use. The plastic moulded handle is countoured and built up for easy gripping. The utensil is stainless steel and is dishwasher safe. Angled rocker head for slicing with little wrist movement. Length 200mm, weight 60g. please request left or right when ordering

Price: $35.00 GST free

Manoy Fork
Designed for one handed use. The plastic moulded handle is countoured and built up for easy gripping. The utensil is stainless steel and is dishwasher safe. Angled rocker head for slicing with little wrist movement. Broad for holding food and has three short prongs

Price: $35.00 GST free

Manoy Knife
Designed for one handed use. The plastic moulded handle is countoured and built up for easy gripping. The utensil is stainless steel and is dishwasher safe. Angled rocker head for slicing with little wrist movement.

Price: $35.00 GST free

Medici Plate
Deeply dished plate to assist with picking up food, lightweight and stackable, made from scratch resistant polycarbonate, dishwasher and microwave safe. Diameter240mm, Weight 180g

Price: $69.00 GST free

Adams Plate
Strong plastic moulded plate, large central channel allows food to be scooped up easily using one utensil, microwave and dishwasher safe. Diameter 260mm, weight 395g

Price: $49.95 GST free

Manoy Plate Large
Oval melamine plate, designed for one handed use or for those who have difficulty picking up food with utensils. available in small and large size. sloping base and one high sided end helps user to scoop up food without spilling it over the side. dishwasher safe. not suitable for microwave. 280mm length, 200mm width, 270g weight

Price: $49.00 GST free

Manoy Plate Small
Oval melamine plate designed for one handed use or for those who have difficulty picking up food with utensils. Available in two sizes. sloping base and one high sided end helps user to scoop up food without spilling it over the side. Dishwasher safe. Not suitable for microwave use. Length 220mm, width 160mm, weight 145g

Price: $45.00 GST free

Manoy Beaker
Melamine beaker has a cutaway base to allow the hand to get a firm and balanced grip. Dishwasher safe. Not suitable for microwave. Capacity 250ml, weight 165g

Price: $49.00 GST free

Plate Surround
Fits onto dinner plate to assist with one handed eating. Three clips attach the surround to the plate rim and create a high inward sloping face to help with food collection. Flexible nylon construction. Suits a variety of plate sizes ranging from 210 to 280mm diameter, weight 30g

Price: $24.00 GST free

Ergonomically designed easy to hold - unbreakable, hot or cold, dishwasher/microwave/freezer safe - drinking lid small/large aperture, stacks

Price: $12.00 GST free

Easy to click on handle is fitted onto mug from below - 2 handled solution is available.

Price: $7.75 GST free

Rika Novo Cup
Spill proof, allows for bedridden to drink when lying down. takes hot or cold. dishwasher, microwave and autoclave safe.

Price: $9.95 GST free

Handi Table
Lightweight mobile table, suitable for use over the bed or chair. Ideal to use while eating and other household activities, adjustable height and angle to suit individual user requirements, easily disassembles for storage and transportation, woodgrain laminate table finish, raided lip edge prevents items from slipping off table top, fitted with four castors (two swivel and two locking) - powder coated mild steel construction. Table width 540mm, Table depth 400mm, Table height 520-820mm

Price: $195.00 including GST

Nail/Denture Brush with Suction Cups
Assists nail or denture cleaning, ideal for one handed use, strong nylon bristles, fitted with two suction cups which can be mounted to a smooth surface. Length 95mm, weight 45g

Price: $29.95 including GST

Kitchen Stool
Ideal for use in the kitchen or any activity where a perched seating position is of assistance. Height adjustable to suit individual user requirements. Padded seat and backrest for added comfort. Powder coated mild steel frame. Seat width 390mm, Seat depth 320mm, Seat height 540mm-690mm, Back height 390mm, Overall width 570mm, Max user weight 100kg

Price: $237.00 including GST

Dysphagia Cup
Available in Almond or Green (please request when ordering) - Helps people who have touble swallowing. Drinking while tucking the chin toward the chest gives normal swallowing mechanisms time to work. Design of the cup helps prevent liquids from escaping at the lips and directs the liquid to the centre of the mouth. Provides sufficient nose clearance to empty the cup without tilting the head back. Extended handle assists gripping. Dishwasher safe. Capacity 200ml, Weight 230g

Price: $115.00 GST free

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