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Theatre and Post Operative Care Items

Total Records: 14

Shoulder Abductor Post Rotator Cuff Operations
Item # SM277 (Small)
Item # SM276 (Medium)
Item # SM275 (Large)

This product is normally fitted to patients by the Surgeon after a Rotator Cuff operation. This guide may be modified by the Surgeon for individual patients. The different sizes of the Shoulder Abductor hold the arm at different angles. The Small, Medium and Large sizes refer to the size of the bolster under the arm. The Large size holds the arm high, allowing the elbow to be high. The Small size holds the arm lower, closer to the hip. The Medium size is in between.

To Fit:

1) With either tapered side of the cushion facing upwards, the arm angle will vary depending on the tapered side selected to face upwards. Position the cushion up as high as possible under the affected arm.

2) Attach the end of the Chest Belt that only has one piece of Velcro, on to the front of the cushion. Pass the belt across the chest, around the back and fasten the Velcro on to the cushion in front before overlapping the start of the Belt.

3) Secure Biceps Cuff to the side of the cushion & fasten around arm to abduct the upper arm.

4) Fasten Wrist Cuff around wrist with the buckle hanging down and attach to the front of the cushion.

5) Fasten the Shoulder Strap to the Chest Strap on the patient's back. Pass the Shoulder Strap over the unaffected shoulder and buckle to the Wrist Cuff, adjusting strap as needed.

Washing: The Removable Cushion Cover can be unzipped for machine or hand washing under
80C. Do not tumble dry.

Price: $ including GST

Arm Sling And Abductor Pillow

This Arm Sling can be used with the Abduction pillow after rotator cuff or similar operations, some dislocations, subluxation, strains etc. This is one of many different sling designs available and should only be used after recommendation and fitting by your medical adviser.

Machine or hand wash under 80C and air dry in shade. The foam can be removed from the cover. Squeeze out excess water.

Price: $ including GST

Upper Arm Adductor
Item # 678 (left arm)
Item # 679 (right arm)

The Upper Arm Adductor is another arm sling which is an alternative to the Shoulder Abductor or the Arm Sling & Abduction Pillow, for use after Rotator Cuff operations. The advantage of this product is in adducting to the body but without any straps passing over either of the patient's shoulders.

The surgeon will decide which product to use depending on each individual operation.

To Fit: Place the Biceps Cuff around the biceps doing up the Velcro fastener. Then do up the Chest Strap making sure that the Wrist Cuff is positioned ready to hold the wrist in position against the chest.

Washing: Hand or machine wash only, up to 80C. Do not tumble dry or wring - air dry only.

Price: $ including GST

Arm Sling and Swaithe
Item # 610
Item # 610S (Sling Only)

This sling is one of many arm slings we manufacture and is comfortable to wear with a single, fully adjustable padded shoulder strap. The arm section is long enough to support the hand. This can prevent hand drop. If the patient wants to use the hand, the hand section can be folded back on itself. Once the sling is in position, a separate swaithe can be fitted to abduct the arm next to the body.

The sling can also be used when the patient is lying in bed, by undoing the shoulder strap at the elbow and re-fastening it on the loop sewn under the hand. Used in this manner, the sling will hold the arm vertically.

This item is also available as the sling part only without the swaithe (wrap-around part). Please select from the drop down box below.

Hand or machine wash only, up to 80C. Do not tumble dry or wring - air dry only.

Price: $ including GST

Knee Operation Wedges Heat Sealed

Item No. Size Dimensions (DxWxHxH2)
161 L MHS Large 530mm x 300mm x 430mm x 350mm
161 M MHS Medium 500mm x 300mm x 390mm x 300mm
161 S MHS Small 440mm x 300mm x 330mm x 250mm
This firm wedge is used in knee operations to support the leg and keep the knee joint open during the procedure. The cover is waterproof with Heat Sealed external seams to help with Infection Control.

Warning: Inspect for any cuts in the material or open seams before using. If any damage is found withdraw from use and contact Pelican Manufacturing.

Cleaning: Have guidance from your facility's Infection Control department as they may over-ride our recommendations. Wipe with sponge or cloth which has been moistened in warm, soapy water or disinfectant, and then dry with a clean cloth. Do not machine wash or tumble dry.

Price: $ including GST

Leg Abductor After Hip Replacement
This Leg Abductor - Large is used after Hip Replacement operations to hold the legs apart when turning a patient in bed. The legs are held firmly and comfortably in place in cut out grooves on both sides of the abductor by 50mm Velcro straps.

Washing: The nylon water resistant cover can be unzipped for machine or hand washing, under
80C. Air dry.

For Infection Control, this product is also available in a Medical Grade Vinyl material with Heat Sealed seams. Please select this in the price drop-down box below. Please email us for more information on the item and cover material.

Price: $ including GST

Anti Rotation Leg Box
This foam Anti-Rotation Leg Box is used to rest the patient's leg in, to help prevent rotation of the foot. It should be long enough to support under the patient's knee, preventing hyperextension. Sand bags, foam blocks or other packing can be used next to the foot to help keep it vertical. The Nylon cover is water resistant and can be wiped clean, or unzipped for washing. This product can be used instead of a Leg Abductor Item 235.

Hand or machine wash only, 80C. max. Do not use soap. Use synthetic detergent. Do not tumble dry or wring - air dry only. Cool iron. Do not scrub with a nylon brush.

For Infection Control, this product is also available in a Medical Grade Vinyl material with Heat Sealed seams. Please select this in the price drop-down box below. Please email us for more information on the item and cover material.

Price: $ including GST

Femoral Positioning Rest Used During Hip Replacemt
The Femoral Positioning Rest is used in the operating theatre during Hip Replacement Operations. The Rest is placed on top of the patient's lower leg so the upper leg can then rest on top of the Rest.

The water resistant cover can be spray wiped clean. It is recommended that the Rest be put into a water proof bag when in use to prevent soiling or cross infection. If necessary, the cover can be removed for machine washing under
80C. but do not tumble dry.

For Infection Control, this product is also available in a Medical Grade Vinyl material with Heat Sealed seams. Please select this in the price drop-down box below. Please email us for more information on the item and cover material.

Price: $ including GST

Bed Leg Support
Item # 152 - Standard Sewn Cover
Item # 152HS - Heat Sealed

* Comfortably holds the leg in the convoluted channel.

* Thigh held at approximately 45, but can be altered if necessary.

* Non-slip base.

* Remove cover for machine or hand wash.

* Made from foam with a sweat-resistant wipeable cover. A cotton sheet can be draped over the support to help prevent sweating for some patients.

A Heat-Sealed version is also available which maybe preferred for better infection control.

This product is to help with the prevention of pressure sores. Sometimes due to the patient deteriorating, the product may become unsuitable. Continuous monitoring is necessary and alternative products may be recommended.

Washing: Machine or hand wash under 80C. and air dry in shade. The foam can be removed from the cover. Squeeze out excess water. The Heat-Sealed version can be wiped clean with a mild disinfectant.

Price: $ including GST

James Leg Elevator Heat Sealed
The James Leg Elevators were originally recommended to us by Ron James, the Cast Technician at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Perth, Western Australia.

The Elevators have been in use in Orthopaedic wards for over twenty years and are used in many hospitals in Australia and overseas. They can help reduce or even prevent swelling in the leg. The Patient's leg rests on a convoluted surface. The convolutions can help blood flow and help avoid deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

To Use: Simply place under the leg. The foot will be raised about 40 cm. in the Elevator depending on the length of the patient's leg. The Elevator has side walls to help prevent the leg from rolling off the sides. If the patient has a plaster cast, some sharp 'edges' or 'dags' on the outside of the plaster cast may damage the cover of the Elevator, so we recommend placing a small towel on the Elevator under the cast to give some protection to the cover. If the patient's leg needs to be bent or flexed a rolled-up towel can be placed under their knee.

Cleaning: The covers are made from medical grade stretchable, breathable material and is heat sealed to help reduce cross infection. Simply wipe clean with a medical grade disinfectant. Dry with a clean cloth.

Price: $ including GST

Patient Handling - Bed Heel Elevator
Made from a wedge-shaped foam contoured to hold a leg. The convoluted section will help with blood flow and pressure care under the calf. The patient's heel should rest over the end so it is suspended in the air above the mattress. As this product is used with patients who will not move their legs off the elevator, we suggest that the Carer periodically moves the elevator up and down the leg to enable blood flow and alter the pressure on the back of the leg.

Patients can be on their sides when using the elevator and two elevators can be used for both heels if necessary.

The Bed Heel Elevator has a sweat-resistant wipeable cover. A cotton sheet can be draped over the elevator to help prevent sweating for some patients.

The Bed Heel Elevator Foot-Drop Support is an attachment for the Bed Heel Elevator.

The wipeable, water resistant nylon cover can be removed for machine or hand washing at 80C. Do not tumble dry the cover.

For Infection Control, this product is also available in a Medical Grade Vinyl material with Heat Sealed seams. Please select this in the price drop-down box below. Please email us for more information on the item and cover material.

Price: $ including GST

Leg/Arm Bandaging Supports
The Leg/Arm Bandaging Supports have been designed to take the weight of a leg or arm when bandages are applied. To hold a leg, place one Support under the back of the knee, and the other under the heel or ankle. To hold an arm, place one support under the upper arm and one under the wrist or hand.

The firm foam has convolutions where the leg, ankle or heel, or upper arm and wrist or hand rests. This helps prevent too much pressure under the leg or arm. The heat sealed cover is easy to wipe clean for hospitals where infection control is very important.

Ensure the leg or arm is supported correctly to prevent it from falling. Remember that on a soft bed mattress they may be unstable, although these Leg/Arm Supports for Bandaging will only be used when a nurse is with the patient while wrapping the bandage in position, so the nurse will be able to keep the limb still if necessary.

The item is designed for fitting a bandage to someone lying in a bed, which may be a better manual handling position for the carer than applying the bandage to someone in a chair, where the carer needs to bend over or kneel down.

WARNING: Inspect the patient's leg or arm after bandaging to check the skin integrity. Use padded wadding under the leg or arm if the skin is adversely marked.

CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: Have guidance from your facility's infection control department as they may over-ride our recommendations. Wipe with a cloth which has been moistened in warm soapy water or disinfectant and then throughly dry with a clean cloth. Do not machine wash or tumble dry. Manual Handling products are designed to assist carers to help patients. They will not make the carer stronger or fitter, but with correct training and use of the products, should make manual handling easier and safer for both staff and patients.

When training, practise with an able-bodied colleague. If any procedure is not comfortable or is difficult and puts the carer or patient in a dangerous position, the participants should call out to stop the manoeuvre, recover and recommence. Never jeopardise your health by straining, twisting or being incorrectly positioned when manual handling.

Always select the most appropriate equipment for the patients current condition and if in doubt, use mechanical equipment. Ask your Manual Handling adviser for individual guidance. Item # 184HS - Standard
Item # 184HSB - Bariatric

Price: $ including GST

Neurological Head Holder Foam Wedges
Item # SM685H - Head Foam
Item # SM685-6 - Foam Wedge (6cm High)
Item # SM685-8 - Foam Wedge (8cm High)
Item # 685-10 - Foam Wedge (10cm High)

The Neurological Head Holder and Foam Wedges are designed as a single use item to hold the head during endovascular intervention operations.

The Head Foam (Item # 685H) is the main part which holds the head. There is a choice of 6cm, 8cm, or 10cm high Foam Wedges which can be placed underneath the Head Foam part. All four parts are sold separately.

The Head Foam part is designed to give a good fit under the head to help stabilise it during operations. Generally the wider edge is placed under the neck, to allow the head to rest slightly back. The Foam Wedges can be placed underneath, allowing the surgeon to find the required angle and height for the head. They can be used in a variety of ways and the Head Foam may be cut if required to suit the patient's ears or surgeon's requirements.

We recommend the surgeon checks that this product is appropriate before using for an operation.

This product is made from foam. We recommend testing first without a patient in cases where 'technical' procedures such as X-Rays or other machinery may be affected by it, to ensure it is radiolucent for your machinery.

Freight Warning: Depending on your area, the freight charge for one of these items may be around the same price as the item itself. If this is a concern, please select the 'contact us with costs before processing order' selection during the checkout procedure

Price: $ including GST

Leg Abductoer Small (Ankle To Knee)
The Leg Abductor - Small can be used when sitting in a chair or lying in bed and is useful for patients who are contracting and crossing their legs. It is also used to abduct the legs after a broken tip of femur or after hip operations etc. They are made from a very hard foam cut into a wedge shape, similar but a lot smaller than our Leg Abductor - Large that is used after a total hip replacement operation.
We use a water resistant nylon cover, as it is less likely to cause sweating than a vinyl cover. Before fitting the nylon cover, we place the foam in a polythene bag to give it added protection. The cover has soft cotton webbing with Velcro type fasteners to secure the legs to the Abductor. It may be advisable with some patients who have very delicate skin, to put some combine padding around the legs to protect them. Monitor the patient's skin for pressure sores, particularly around the inside of the knees.
When using this product, remember that some patients may get cramps if they sit for long periods and cannot move their legs. Refer to their care plan regarding ambulation. It may also be advisable to use a Pelican Chair Belt to remind the patient not to stand up when the abductor is in use.
Washing: Spray wipe, hand or machine wash cover only, up to 80C. Do not tumble dry.

Price: $ including GST

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