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Personal Stairclimber/ Wheelchair Stairclimber

Frequently buildings have neither been designed nor built in such a way that they are accessible for mobility impaired people- be it in a home or office or public building environment. This represents a huge barrier to such individuals. This is safely and easily overcome with the Personal Stairclimber/ Wheelchair Stairclimber.

We have 4 types of Personal Stairclimbers available. You can click on the names of the models below to see instructional videos.

C-Max Universal Stairclimber | S-Max Sella Stair Climber | S-Max Wheelchair Stairclimber | C-Max U2

C-Max Universal Stair Climber

More mobility and quality of life c-max, the push wheelchair with stair climbing function allows you to overcome virtually all obstacles at home and on the road. The care attendant needs little physical power to handle the c-max.

The device can be operated effortlessly and safely. Physically disabled persons are transported safely and comfortably up and downstairs.

On stairs as well as on level ground c-max proves its versatility. Removable arm rests make easy transferring from one chair to another possible. Due to its compact dimensions and foldable foot rest, the c-max is easy to manoeuvre even on very narrow stair cases or winding stairs. For small, compact apartments with narrow doorways, the c-max represents the ideal solution. See also the c-max U2

Adaptable: Individually adjustable hand grips provide the optimum position for driving. With little physical effort you are going to manage even narrow stairs. Due to the puncture proof tyres c-max is also a comfortable push wheelchair on rough or sloping surfaces.
Versatile: With the c-max you easily manage everyday situations. Being a push wheelchair with stair climbing function makes the c-max the ideal device for e.g. health and driving services, the use in public places and buildings, and in nursing homes as well as in private residences.
Consistent and reliable: Safety brakes stop automatically at each edge of stairs.
Careful: Operating the c-max on all types of stair or floor coverings does not cause any damage whatsoever.

S-Max Sella Stairclimber

Frequently buildings have neither been designed nor built in such away that they are accessible for people with reduced mobility(PRM). In those cases stairs represent a great barrier for many people and need to be overcome.

Stairways often represent a great barrier to people with reduced mobility.
The S-Max SELLA Stairclimber solves this problem effortlessly and elegantly. This device makes you mobile everywhere and at all times.
It works on virtually all types of a stairs, inside the home and outside and is particularly maneuverable and comfortable since the seat is integral.
For ease of transportation you can fold up or disassemble the SELLA easily to fit in virtually all cars.
Folding means little space is taken up in the home.
The SELLA is uniquely able to manage both directly seated passengers and those unable to transfer from their wheelchair (please see video below)
For Social Services, occupational therapists and other professional purchasers the SELLA provides a unique, cost effective combination of flexibility of purpose, ability to function on the narrowest stairways and portability ensuring optimum effectiveness for future re-issues.

The S-Max Wheelchair Stairclimber

The s-max is suitable for virtually all commercially available wheelchairs.
The s-max can be mounted or removed quickly and easily from your wheelchair for transportation due to its unique design. A well thought-out safety concept with automatic brakes that will always stop on each step making the s-max a uniquely safe device.

Advantages for your mobility:
  • Move easily and quickly, up and down stairs in your own wheelchair.
  • s-max fits virtually all commercial wheelchairs, even particulary narrow children's wheelchairs.
  • The brackets especially developed modular concept makes a simple assembly possible.
  • s-max is easy to handle because of the newly developed climbing system with little load alterations.
  • The handle's solid connection to the climbing unit provides a secure feeling for stairclimbing.
  • The grips and control unit are constructed according to the newest ergonomic insights.
  • The climbing speed can be specifically adjusted to the particular climbing situation at hand.
  • The single step mode offers optimum ease in controling the s-max to ensure safe as well as careful movement over all kinds of stairs.
  • The s-max's though-out safety concept includes brakes, which stop automatically at the edge of each step.
  • Since the s-max works with merely one climbing leg, it is particularly compact and thus functional even on narrow stair cases or winding stairs. s-max is suitable for all floor coverings, be it wood, stone, marble, tiles or carpet.
  • The exposed edges of stairs are not damaged.
  • Durable and maintenance-free batteries provide energy for up to 300 steps.
  • The electrical wires run inside protecting them from damage.
  • Thanks to its compact measurements and its low weight s-max is your ideal partner in everyday life.

C-Max U2 Ambulance

  • Safely and effectively transports patients up and down stairs and across level ground.
  • Compact yet powerful mechanism replaces manual lifting for patients up to 160kg (25 stones) on stairs.
  • In-vehicle CEN approved securing system allows patient to travel in the c-max reducing transfers and enabling bed-to-bed transfers.
  • Seriously reduces musculoskeletal and repetitive strain injuries to staff and consequent costs.
  • Reduced absenteeism means the c-max pays for itself very quickly.
  • Can be accommodated in-vehicle by attachment to rear impact protection devices, by 4 point floor mounted webbing or in it's own crash tested bracket in the folded position.
  • Unique approved in-vehicle charging system.
  • Addresses requirements raised in the Sussex V King 2002 judgment.
  • Widely in service in the UK with references available on request.
  • Fully integrated training options.
  • Relevant to foreseeable tasks
  • Safe and proven.
  • Clearly affordable.
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News for 2016… We are Registered Providers to DisabilityCare Australia and The National Disability Insurance Scheme Australia (NDIS)

Carousel Automated Medication Dispenser for Medication Management is Incorporated into the ‘NSW State Wide Best Practice Guide for Home and Community Services’

Occupational Therapy Home Assessment Service - Highly Competitive Rates!

Safety and Mobility Pty Ltd are now working in conjuction with highly qualified and experienced Occupational Therapists – Home Assessment Services are available at highly competitive rates – Please phone Safety and Mobility for details or to book appointment.

Major Clients Installing the
Evac+ Chair include:

* Qantas
* Department of Defence
* Australian National University
* Questacon Science Museum ACT
* Corrective Services of NSW
* Catholic Healthcare
* Energy Australia
* Brisbane Convention Centre
* Salvation Army Aged Care
* The Powerhouse Museum
* National Maritime Museum
* Uniting Care Aged Facilities
* Presbyterian Aged Care Facilities
* UPA Aged Care
* Sydney City Council Buildings

* Port Waratah Coal Services

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