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We offer a wide range of adaptive clothing options with designs for both the female and male user. We supply a ladies’ cardigan with an open back, Velcro design offered in four sizes. Our easy to put on and take off ladies’ poncho is perfect for the cold and is designed for dressing over the head and layering over dementia dignity suits, pregnant or breastfeeding women, people in wheelchairs and people who require a bed jacket. We supply ladies’ and men’s dignity suits with a back-zip closure to assist in preventing undressing. These dignity suits are ideal for nursing homes, aged care facilities, hospitals and homes for people with dementia, Alzheimer’s or cognitive impairment. We also offer trousers with a Velcro side opener for easy dressing; these are ideal for people with limited movement and remain comfortable when combined with continence aids. We supply a ladies’ nightie and men’s nightshirt with open back allowing easy dressing and comfortable sleeping. We also offer a men’s polo shirt with long sleeves and an open back. All products with an open back design allows for easy, safe dressing, reduces the risk of injury for user and carer and makes it easier for the carer, care attendant, nurse or individual to put on and take off clothing. Our styles and designs are made with high quality materials such as polyester and cotton, are machine washable and come in multiple colours to suit personal preference.