Spill Kits & Drug Safes

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Safety and Mobility supply practical and helpful spill kits and drug safes for use in a variety of environments. Our steel drug safes are designed with three or four shelves and a six lever, pick resistant key lock ensuring security of the drug safe contents. We also offer a flammable liquid storage cabinet with built in flame arrestors and a three-point self-latching system. We have a range of spill kits that can be used to clean up a variety of bodily fluid spills and biohazard or chemical waste spills. The single use biohazard spill kit is suitable to clean up all bodily fluids and is perfect for first aid rooms, schools, shops, labs and medical environments. The kit contains biohazard absorbent powder sachets, a facemask, eye shield, apron, disposable gloves, hygienic skin wipes, self-sealing clinical waste bags, scoop, scraper and clinical detergent. Our other spill kits include our industrial general purpose spill control kit ideal for vehicle applications and fluids such as oils, fuels, coolant and agricultural chemicals, our cytotoxic spill kit for hard and carpet surfaces within medical and lab environments, a 100% natural multipurpose indoor absorbent powder, biohazard absorbent sachets to quickly absorb spills, lab spill neutralising kits and sharps disposal kits.