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Jay 3 Cushion


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High level pressure care cushion with a multitude of modification and positioning options to accommodate individual client needs.

  • Features outstanding pressure distribution, comfort, heat and moisture dissipation, and optimal stability
  • Pelvic loading area sizes can be selected and sized to fit the client’s pelvis regardless of the overall cushion width; research suggests that pelvic width varies only slightly from user to user and is not proportional to hip width
  • Wide range of widths and depths available

Product Specification Options 

Overall Width Options: 30-61cm
Overall Depth Options: 30-61cm
Overall Height Options: 9.1 (Standard) - 10.4cm (Deep)
Overall SWL Options: 150kg or 225kg (where cushion is 56cm or greater)

Pelvic Loading Area (PLA) Insert Options 

  • Factory filled JAY Flow fluid
  • Variable JAY Flow fluid
  • Single valve ROHO air cell pad
  • Dual valve ROHO air cell pad

Cover Options

  • Stretch (reduces cover tension)
  • Microclimatic (spacer fabric that helps transfer heat and moisture away from the body) 
  • Incontinent-resistant (resists fluid absorption)

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