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Otto Bock Cloud Cushion

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Product Code: SMMC0350

High level pressure care cushion with 14 lightweight, replaceable Floam cells anatomically arranged on a foam base used for optimal pressure relief and comfort for sensitive body areas. 

  • Ideal for patients requiring a high level of pressure relief and high level positioning needs
  • Provides increased stability and support
  • The largest possible area of the body makes contact with the cushion, and therefore pressure is distributed effectively
  • Individual Floam cushion cells are as adaptable as gel, and effectively reduce shear forces
  • Increased air circulation helps prevent skin irritation 
  • Adjustable to accomodate individual requirements
  • Removable fluid resistant cover is zippered and features a non slip underside

Product Specifications

Product Code Width Depth Height SWL
CL1616 40cm 40cm 10cm 125kg
CL1816 46cm 40cm 10cm 125kg
CL1818 46cm 46cm 10cm 125kg
CL2016 50cm 40cm 10cm 125kg
SMMC7250 50cm 46cm 10cm 125kg