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  • ROHO® Contour Select Cushion

ROHO® Contour Select Cushion

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Product Code: SMMC2330

High level pressure care cushion with interconnected high and low profile cells to promote blood circulation to assist in pressure prevention, healing and relief.

  • Reduces shear forces while transferring or repositioning
  • Enhances midline channelling of the femurs, providing greater lateral stability
  • Contoured design positions the pelvis back in the wheelchair and centres the user comfortably in the middle of the cushion
  • Greater contact area is achieved for the dispersion of pressure, hence the pressure on any one area is minimised
  • After air pressure is adjusted, ISOFLO valve prevents air flow between quadrants, assisting the positioning and postural stability of the client
  • Durable neoprene construction is soft to suit skin sensitivity and is easily cleaned
  • Breathable zippered lycra cover with a non-slip base
  • Supplied with pump
  • Suitable for bariatric users

Product Specifications

Product Code Width Depth Height SWL
CS88C 38cm 38cm 6/10cm unlimited
CS89C 38cm 43cm 6/10cm unlimited
CS98C 43cm 38cm 6/10cm unlimited
CS99C 43cm 43cm 6/10cm unlimited
CS910C 43cm 47cm 6/10cm unlimited
CS109C 47cm 43cm 6/10cm unlimited
CS1010C 47cm 47cm 6/10cm unlimited
CS1110C 52cm 47cm 6/10cm unlimited
CS1111C 52cm 52cm 6/10cm unlimited