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Romedic Roller Slide Flexi

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Product Code: SMLB0790

  • Assists client and carer with lying transfers between bed and x-ray or operating table, shower trolley, ambulance stretchers or similar
  • Consists of a padded sliding board with a cover that slides round the board, moving with the client during transfer
  • Unique sliding material reduces the friction under the user, which facilitates the transfer and avoids unnecessary lifting for the carer
  • Ensures gentle, simple and safe transfers for users who are injured or very sensitive to pain
  • A rigid inner board guarantees a stable transfer even when there is a gap of up to 20cm, or where there is a difference in height or an uneven surface
  • Can be folded lengthwise along the centreline of the client or the bed and effortlessly adapts to the surface it rests on
  • Easy storage and transportation
  • Replaceable sliding cover is easy to clean and maintain


Width: 50cm
Length: 175cm
Max User Weight: 135kg