Hospital Equipment Supplier

Safety and Mobility supply all major health networks within Australia. This includes both private and public hospitals. We specialise in ward and clinic equipment and ship Australia-wide. 

Many of our hospital products are TGA registered and comply with ASNZ safety and quality standards. As an added service, we can also provide maintenance and repairs for our products.

All our equipment is safe both for the user and the hospital staff. It’s easy to use, efficient and well-designed.  In addition, we provide in-house services and over-the-phone support to hospitals.

Understanding Hospital Requirements

At Safety and Mobility, we understand the needs of hospitals as well as the unique requirements of the various wards and internal clinics. This includes the various departments such as emergency, geriatric, oncology, maternity, paediatrics, general surgery, mortuary, and occupational therapy.

Ultimately, we supply equipment that provides excellence in clinical care and helps to preserve the patients’ dignity. We also provide a full range of PPE.

Our range of equipment includes:

Ward And Clinic Equipment

We have a full range of ward and clinic equipment including:

  • Full Range of PPE

We have a full range of PPE to protect hospital staff, including Coveralls, Gloves, Gowns, Overshoe covers, Face Masks, Surgical Masks etc.

  • Hospital Screens and Curtains

We have a range of different curtains and screens that can offer privacy for hospital patients. This includes mobile folding screens. We also supply easy-to-install curtain track kits.

  • Trolleys and Carts

Our trolleys are made from high-quality stainless steel with 4 castors (at least) to ensure stability. We have a wide selection of trolleys for a myriad of uses.

  • Instrument and Preparation Tables

All of our instrument tables are made from high-quality stainless steel and come in a range of different designs.

  • Medical Lighting and Xray

We have a range of medical lighting including exam lights, minor surgery, and procedure lights. Our X-ray viewers come in a selection of up to 6 bays. 

  • Diagnostic Equipment

Our diagnostic equipment includes blood pressure monitors, sphygmomanometers, hand-held pulse oximeters, stethoscopes, mobile LED illuminated diagnostic stations, and other diagnostic equipment.

  • Fall Prevention Alarms and Crash Mats

Our fall prevention alarms and crash mats assist in injury prevention for hospital patients. These include CareWatch chair alarms and sensor pads as well as MoveAlert mats with alarm sensors.

  • Patient Transfer And Handling Equipment

Our patient transfer and handling equipment includes patient lifting slings and lifting hoists. We also supply transfer boards, slide sheets, and walking belts.

  • Spill Kits

Our range of spill kits allows hospital staff to safely clean up spills such as chemicals and bodily fluids.

  • Mortuary Equipment

Our mortuary equipment includes mortuary fridges and freezers, lifters, trays, and trolleys.

Maintenance & Repair of Hospital Equipment

When purchasing your equipment from Safety and Mobility, you can rest assured that our customer service team is trained and experienced in the needs of hospitals. We work closely with procurement and clinical care teams to ensure that they purchase the right equipment at the right price.

Not only that, but we have an experienced maintenance and repairs team to provide ongoing support for your purchases. Whether this is in-service or over the phone support, we ensure that your devices and equipment is safe for use and meets compliance requirements.

Supplying Hospital Equipment Australia-wide

Safety and Mobility have been supplying to hospitals Australia-wide for almost two decades. As such we have built a reliable network of logistics and freight companies that we work with and trust to ensure that hospitals receive their equipment in a timely manner and in perfect condition. As a result, we are able to offer fast turn around times, with personalised, in-house support.