Transfer Boards and Slide Sheets

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Our transfer boards and slide sheets assist in patient transfers between cars, wheelchairs, chairs, trolleys, shower trolleys, and chairs, toilets, x-ray tables, examination tables and couches, stretchers and beds and reduces strain on carer and user.  Our different transfer board designs and styles offer arc shapes that allow a natural sweeping pattern, slip resistant pads, plastic guards minimising skin damage and handholds for extra grip. We have a range of slide sheets that help prevent manual handling injuries and reduce the need for lifting. These slide sheets are used to reposition clients while in bed and are also used against bare skin during toilet and shower chair transfers. These comfortable, safe and gentle slide sheets are made from nylon with silicone coating to reduce friction or polyester and padding with microfibers to reduce static electricity. We supply a sliding sheet with a rigid inner board to ensure stability for injured clients or clients sensitive to pain. We also supply the one-way slide tubular which improves sitting position in a chair or wheelchair by preventing forward movement and our anti slip mat provides an ideal grip for moving higher in bed.