Pressure Mattresses, Air Mattresses & Overlays

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Here at Safety and Mobility, we offer a highly extensive array of overlays, air mattresses and mattresses offering high levels of comfort, support and care. Our overlays and mattresses are suitable for hospitals, nursing homes, aged care facilities, community care environments and home care. Our alternating overlays are TGA registered with waterlow scores between 10 and 20 and are supplied with either an analogue or digital pump suitable for low, medium or high-risk clients. Our overlays are made with high quality materials to offer extra comfort and support on top of mattresses. Our variety includes Roho bed overlays with interconnected cells promoting blood circulation, pressure prevention and a reduction of shear forces during transfers and repositioning; our SAF overlays are equipped for medium level pressure care clients with uniform pressure distribution and our other overlays provide a convoluted foam surface area for air circulation, offering shock, vibration and impact absorption. We offer alternating air mattresses which work towards prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers for clients at high risk. Our range of mattresses come in single and king single sizes and offer a two or three-layer premium foam core with visco-grade pressure sensitive memory foam ideal for pressure care and high levels of support and comfort. Some of our mattress designs offer extra safety and assistance in transfers and encourage central patient positioning. All our mattresses utilize anti-microbial foam which protects them against yeast, bacteria and mold fungi growth. Our EvacSafe is a highly durable, under mattress evacuation sheet which allows safe and smooth evacuation for non-ambulant patients. This sheet safely and securely cocoons patients during an evacuation across the floor or stairs.