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Adjusta Wedge Body Support

$275.00 GST Free
SKU: SMA115032003

Pregnancy and Maternity Pillows

Banana Pillow – U Shaped Reading Body Pillow

$70.00 excl GST
SKU: SMA120414500
From $99.00$99.00 GST Free
SKU: SMA140812001
$130.00 GST Free
SKU: SMA100011300
$120.00 GST Free
SKU: SMA100011000
$120.00 GST Free
SKU: SMA100011100
$90.00 GST Free
SKU: SMA100012200

Pregnancy and Maternity Pillows

CuddleUp Body Pillow

$90.00 excl GST
SKU: SMA120114001
$129.00 GST Free
SKU: SMA115641002

Pillows and Pillowcases

Dual Zone Pillow – Suits Long Necks

$100.00 GST Free
SKU: SMA100711000

Pillows and Pillowcases

Easy Breathe – Sleep Apnoea Pillow

$180.00 GST Free
SKU: SMA100511000
From $85.00$110.00 GST Free
SKU: SMA125214000

Sometimes it can be hard to find comfortpressure relief and support whilst sitting for long periods of time, resting, convalescing in bed, or just simply sleeping.
TheraMed design and create Australian made pillows and therapeutic products to give you the comfort and support you need.
Working with Healthcare Professionals Australia wide, the Pillows Australia range of comfort and support sleeping products has been meticulously designed to give unsurpassed comfort combined with innovative health and wellbeing benefits.