Registered NDIS Provider

Chairs, Stools and Seats for the Health Care Industry

Safety and Mobility offer an extensive range of high quality, versatile and multipurpose chairs, seats and stools. Our range focuses on dining chairs, lounge chairs, mobile reclining chairs, low and high back chairs, ergonomic seats, sofa beds, perching stools, surgeon stools, foot stools and leg rests. All these seating options offer safe, stable, comfortable and supportive structures to be used in hospitals, nursing homes, aged care facilities, community care and home care environments. We offer many styles, patterns, colours and designs for all our chairs to suit your specific tastes, needs and requirements. Many options and additional extras are available to improve comfort, support, maneuverability and functionality for the user. Bariatric options are available.

NDIS Approved Chairs and Furniture

NDIS approved furniture and seating options play a crucial role in enhancing the comfort, accessibility, and functionality of individuals with disabilities. These specially designed products are tailored to meet the unique needs of NDIS participants, ensuring they have the right support and assistance in their daily activities.

NDIS approved furniture encompasses a wide range of items, including ergonomic chairs, height-adjustable desks, and wheelchair-accessible tables. These pieces of furniture are carefully selected to promote better posture, accessibility, and ease of use, enabling individuals to engage in activities with greater independence and comfort.

In addition to furniture, NDIS approved seating options are available to provide optimal support and positioning. These may include specialised wheelchairs, seating systems, and cushions designed to accommodate specific mobility and postural needs. By offering proper support and pressure relief, NDIS approved seating assists individuals in maintaining optimal positioning and preventing discomfort or injuries associated with prolonged sitting.

The NDIS recognises the importance of appropriate furniture and seating in improving the quality of life for people with disabilities. By providing access to NDIS approved products, individuals can enjoy increased independence, comfort, and participation in various activities.