Adult Weigh Scales & Measurement

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Safety and Mobility supply a range of adult weigh scales and measurement devices for standard and bariatric use. We offer a comfortable and stable digital weigh chair scale with a large LCD display unit for accurate digital measurements, it features swing back arms, an extra wide seat, locking castors for added stability and safety and a folding footrest. Our digital wheelchair scale features a low-profile ramp allowing weight measurements to be taken while the client remains seated in their wheelchair. Our other scales include an electronic bed and dialysis scale to ensure critical monitoring of fluid loss where clients can only be weighed in bed, handrail scales with attached height measurement features and BMI functions, electronic flat scales with automatic switch on and off functions, mechanical flat scales with a non-slip platform, column scales with BMI functions and a wireless multifunction scale for weighing while standing, seated or in a wheelchair. We also offer a measuring station featuring voice guidance printing functions, wireless printers and wireless USB adaptors.