Stairway Evacuation Chairs & Equipment

Registered NDIS Provider

Wheelchair Stair Climber

Electric Wheelchair Stairclimber

$8,000.00 GST Free
$2,150.00 GST Free
SKU: EC098

Stairway Evacuation Chairs & Equipment

Evac+Chair 900H Powered Evacuation Chair

$8,950.00 GST Free
$375.00 GST Free
SKU: EC1-332C

Emergency Stairway Evacuation

EvacSafe Evacuation Slide Sheet

$125.00 GST Free

Stairway Evacuation Chairs & Equipment

Under Mattress Evacuation Slide Sheet – Bariatric

$286.00 GST Free

Evacuation Chairs & Equipment for Hospitals & Aged Care

Here at Safety and Mobility, we offer a universal evacuation solution for smooth stairway descent during an emergency without the need for physical strength or lifting. Our Emergency Stairway Evacuation products include the Evac+Chair, Evac+Chair comfy seat transfer bench, electric wheelchair stairclimber and under mattress evacuation sheets, the EvacSafe. Our high quality products are light weight and easy to use, assisting with the quick and safe removal of people who have impaired mobility in the event of an emergency evacuation. We can provide training on request on many of these products, so you and your team are able to use them safely in an emergency.