Incontinence Underwear

Registered NDIS Provider

Incontinence Underwear

Net Mesh Bag

$9.95 GST Free

Incontinence Underwear

Laundry Bag Basic

$24.95 GST Free

Incontinence Underwear

BONDS Hipster with Incontinence Pad

From $44.95$142.95 GST Free
From $68.90$68.90 GST Free
From $64.90$64.90 GST Free

Incontinence Underwear

Incontinence Swim Nappy

From $74.00$74.00 GST Free

Incontinence Underwear

Incontinence Swim Shorts

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From $44.95$44.95 GST Free
From $44.95$44.95 GST Free

Incontinence Supplies

Safety and Mobility offer an extensive range of high quality, cost-effective incontinence clothing including underwear, swimming wear and body suits.

Our incontinence clothing is made with highly durable materials and offers the user a comfortable, functional and highly discrete incontinence option, providing dignity and comfort to all clients.

Incontinence Underwear for the Elderly and Disabled

Our products feature light to heavy duty, sewn-in absorbency pads that provide leak-free, comfortable and discreet protection for elderly and disabled members of the community. We offer custom made sizes and a variety of styles, designs and colours to suit your preferences. Each item is machine washable and reusable. Our swimwear nappies and board-short style swim shorts are ideal for the beach, swimming and hydrotherapy pools and are highly recommended by doctors, nurses and therapists. We also supply body suits for those who try to remove and destroy their clothing and incontinence aids that feature a zip-opening back to assist carers in easy on and off.

NDIS Approved Supplier of Incontinence Underwear

When it comes to managing incontinence, finding reliable and supportive suppliers of NDIS-approved continence products is crucial. We play a vital role in ensuring individuals have access to high-quality and suitable products to manage their incontinence needs effectively. NDIS continence product suppliers specialise in offering a comprehensive range of products designed to cater to different requirements and preferences. From adult diapers and pads to absorbent bed sheets and protective undergarments, we prioritise discretion, comfort, and effective leakage control to enhance the dignity and well-being of their customers. With NDIS funding often covering the costs associated with these essential products, individuals can access them more easily and affordably. It’s important to choose suppliers who are registered under the NDIS, ensuring compliance with quality standards and eligibility criteria. By partnering with reputable NDIS-approved continence product suppliers, individuals can have peace of mind, knowing they have reliable support in managing their incontinence needs. These suppliers prioritise patient care, offering a range of options that promote comfort, hygiene, and confidence in daily life.