Wheelchair Accessories

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Adult Weigh Scales & Measurement

Digital Wheelchair Scales

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Patient Restraints

Lateral Chair Supports

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Repose Care-Sit

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Wheelchair Accessories

Sheepskin Velour Foot Plate Covers

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Patient Hoists & Handling

Sit Slide and Stand Pad

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Daily Living Aids

Smoking Protector

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Daily Living Aids

Wheelchair Rain Cape

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Safety and Mobility offer a wide range of wheelchair accessories to improve functionality, comfort and support for the wheelchair user. Our wheelchair accessories include all purpose cushions with convoluted surfaces for increased air circulation, heavy duty, aluminium constructed telescopic ramps, stable and accurate digital wheelchair scales for standard and bariatric users with non-slip platforms, small and compact roll-up wheelchair ramps, smoking protectors, lightweight rain capes made of water resistant nylon with leg and shoe protectors, sheepskin velour foot plate covers to keep feet warm and comfortable and silicone fibre wheelchair pads for shear reduction and  heightened levels of comfort over the back rest and arm rests.