Positioning Cushions

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Positioning Cushions

Arm Sling

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Positioning Cushions

Bed Heel Elevator

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Positioning Cushions

Bed Heel Raiser

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Positioning Cushions

Bed Leg Support

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Healthcare Positioning Cushions Supplies

Safety and Mobility offer a highly extensive range of positioning cushions to comply with your specific needs and requirements to be used in hospitals, nursing homes, aged care facilities, community care and residential living environments. Many of our cushions come with additional extras which may include machine washable covers, waterproof covers and leather covers. We offer brands such as Macmed and Repose, who are designed and manufactured in Australia with care and comfort in mind. We also offer posture wedges, wheelchair cushions including back and arm pads and foam and inflatable ring cushions. Bariatric options are available.

Positioning Cushions for the Disabled

We offer a variety of designs and styles which produce different levels of comfort and support. Our cushions support varying levels of pressure relief including those needing low, medium and high levels of pressure care – this is especially important for aged and disabled community members. Our positioning cushions are made of different materials including memory foam, visco-elastic foam, polyurethane foam, fluid, floam, flogel, silicone coated fibre and gel, each material provides a specific type of care and support for the user.

Many of the positioning cushions are highly regarded by occupational therapists and physiotherapists and our different cushions offer lateral stability and support, coccyx support which maintains the lumbar spine optimal curve, pressure relief and distribution for sensitive areas, a reduction in shear forces during transfers and repositioning, significant shock, vibration and impact absorption, good blood circulation and many enhance the user’s sitting position and posture.