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Equipment Brands

EVA Foam Roller

From $17.00$34.00
$33.00 excl GST
SKU: SM25870

Equipment Brands

TheraBand Band Loop

From $10.10$20.40
SKU: SM20810
From $23.00$45.00
SKU: SM12771
From $305.00$585.00
SKU: SM12778
From $46.00$88.00
SKU: SM23015

Equipment Brands

TheraBand Exercise Station

$707.00 excl GST

$777.70 incl. GST

$777.70 incl. GST
SKU: SM21900

Equipment Brands

TheraBand FlexBar

From $25.00$42.00
SKU: SM26107

Equipment Brands

TheraBand Foam Roller Wrap

From $43.00$68.00
SKU: SM11971

Equipment Brands

TheraBand Foot Roller

$11.50 excl GST

$12.65 incl. GST

$12.65 incl. GST
SKU: SM26152

Equipment Brands

TheraBand Hand Exerciser

From $19.00$19.00
SKU: SM26020
From $55.00$55.00
SKU: SM262001

Safety and Mobility are proud to stock a range of leading rehabilition and exercise therapy bands from TheraBand. TheraBand supply a range of products designed to meet the needs of patients requiring progressive resistance therapy/exercise. We stock TheraBand products that are designed to be used in the clinic/facility or at home. The TheraBand range assists users to rehabilitate injuries, improve functional living, increase athletic performance, and makes measuring progress and achieving goals for fitness or therapy simple.