Panel & Hand Trucks

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We offer a variety of panel and hand trucks that provide an efficient and easy method for carrying and moving items of all shapes and sizes.  We supply foldable trucks that are quick and easy to use with ergonomically designed handles. The tyres are puncture safe and very strong, ideal for moving parcels of almost any size. Our range of convertible, aluminium hand trucks convert from two wheels to four wheels with a high capacity platform trolley. These trolleys allow easier handling of heavy and difficult items. We also supply a convertible hand truck that can sit at a 45-degree incline. Our other trucks and trolleys offer folding nose extensions which hide away and allow carrying of bulky items, integral wheel guards which protect the cargo, comfort grip anti-slip handles and strong lightweight aluminium designs. Our larger panel trucks are suited to move gyprock, sheet materials, doors, tables and other big, bulky items in an easy and safe manner. These trucks feature extra side rails to ensure load is firmly held in place. We also offer a hydraulic furniture remover ideal for delivery, removal and maintenance. The hydraulic furniture remover features securing straps, steering handles and a hydraulic lift.