Trolleys and Carts

Registered NDIS Provider

Hospital Trolleys & Carts

Safety and Mobility offer a highly extensive range of high quality, functional and practical trolleys and carts. Our assortment of trolleys include instrument trolleys, dressing trolleys, equipment trolleys, anaesthetic trolleys, emergency and intensive care trolleys, resuscitation trolleys, medication trolleys, paediatric trolleys and carts, oncology carts, casualty trolleys, chart, medical records and x-ray trolleys and round trolleys. These are ideal for using in hospital environments.

All our trolleys are made of high quality stainless steel and feature four castors to ensure easy manoeuvrability. Our trolley designs feature different components to suit your needs.

Medical Trolleys & Carts

The designs and components include enclosed storage spaces, options of two, three, four or five drawers, overhead flip bins, removable divider bin trays, central locking drawers, rails and handles, paper folder holder baskets, recessed shelves, oxygen cylinder carriers, fold down extension tables, medication trolleys with 9-18, 12-24, 15-30 or 20-40 units, pill tray inserts, IV sockets, colour specific drawers for paediatric carts, ABS plastic tops, adjustable shelves, deep trays, filing bins and optional add-ons such as IV poles, glove dispensers, multi-storage racks, sharps container sets and waste bins. Having so many options is great for medical environments, where various needs must be met. Speak to us about what solutions might work for your needs.