Patient Restraints

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Safety and Mobility offer a wide range of patient restraints with different designs to serve different purposes. We offer a standard shower belt with reinforced plastic sewn around soft padding for comfort. This design aids nursing staff and carers when patients are slippery and wet while being washed and are mainly used on commode chairs. The shower belts are also available with shoulder straps or leg straps. The leg straps prevent the patient from slipping down and off the chair or commode. We supply an easy to use standard chair belt which fastens around the user’s waist and secures them to the chair, this chair belt can be adjusted to fit wheelchairs and lounge chairs. We also offer chair belts for sliders which contain extensions for the patient’s legs, it is available with either forward or rear fastening. We offer a soft belt and soft bed belt which contain a soft padded section for extra comfort. These belts are placed around the patient’s waist and are used for sitting or lying down respectively we also supply lap belts and shoulder sash belts which prevent patients from falling off chairs or to position their hips correctly on pressure cushions.