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Soft Belt

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The Soft Belt is a comfortable padded lap restraint belt. It is made from soft strong 5cm wide webbing with a wide padded section to provide a soft area against the patient’s body. Some patients feel more secure with this wide soft belt instead of a more discrete webbing belt.

This belt is not recommended for patients who slide down the chair. For this behaviour we recommend the Chair Belt for Sliders - Rear Fastening (SM412R).

To Fit

Place the padded section in front of the patient and wrap the webbing around the chair frame on both sides. However, as some patients may rock or lean forward it may be possible to place the padded section across the chest.  Try to wrap the webbing at either:

  • The pelvic position
  • Behind the back of the chair

Fasten the buckle behind the chair.

The Soft Belt can be used on large lounge chairs. On narrow chairs it may be necessary to wrap the surplus webbing a few times around the chair.

Do not use across the chest if the patient is liable to slide down the chair.