Procedure Tables/Chairs

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Examination Tables and Couches

Blood Collection Chair

$893.75 excl GST

$983.13 incl. GST

$983.13 incl. GST
SKU: SMAC09-3018

Examination Tables and Couches

MPT4 Table

$8,390.00 excl GST
SKU: SM2044-BL

Examination Tables and Couches

Multipro Table

$8,670.00 excl GST
SKU: SM2040-BL

Examination Tables and Couches

ORL Table/Chair

$8,450.00 excl GST
SKU: SM2041-BL

Examination Tables and Couches

Podiatry Chair

$9,582.00 excl GST
SKU: SM2045-BL

We offer a high-quality range of multipurpose procedure tables and chairs which include powder coated blood collection chairs with sloped armrests and non-slip rubber feet. Our all electric tables are built with four motors and a large, flat mattress for any type of user. Hand and foot control options offer independent adjustments of height, tilt, leg rests and back rests which allow perfect positioning, support and comfort for the user. These controls permit the chairs to move from an upright position to a fully flat examination table which enhances the functionality of the chairs/tables and allow it to be perfect for plastic and cosmetic surgery, dermatology, maxillofacial and ophthalmic procedures, arm or breast surgery, ENT, laser surgery and general medicine. The padded arms flip back and automatically flatten when the chair is repositioned into a flat table position. The stitch-free and seamless vinyl upholstery provides an easy to clean surface that is also comfortable and provides support to the user.