Power HiLo Couches

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SKU: SM1242M
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$5,989.50 incl. GST
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$3,723.50 incl. GST
SKU: SM1233-BL

Safety and Mobility offer an extensive range of strong and rigid, two or three-section, Power HiLo Couches perfect for a multitude of uses which include podiatry, wound care, general examination and IV therapy. These couches can be manipulated into an upright chair position, a fully flat exam table, a Trendelenburg position and a reclined position with leg elevation. Each couch offers an electric backrest, seat tilt, foot rest, locking castors and vinyl upholstery. Our Power HiLo couches offer three control options which include an optional footswitch for Hi-Lo lift, a hand switch for the backrest and an optional dual control kit. The hand switch also comes in a four or six buttoned design which can control all functions. Most of our HiLo couches contain a face hole and plug for optional use. Each couch is maintenance free with no need for regular lubrication or adjustment. Levelling feet are available to provide stability and four retractable wheels allow mobility and offer relocation abilities. Bariatric options are available.