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Floor Alarms and Crash Mats

MoveAlert Crash/Fall Mat with Alarm Sensor

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Floor Alarms and Crash Mats

MoveAlert Floor Mat with Alarm Sensor

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Fall Prevention Accessories

Pull String Bed Monitor

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SKU: SM2617

Safety and Mobility offer a variety of alarms suited for a range of emergency situations. Our CareWatch Chair and Bed Alarm and Sensor Pad is ideal for high risk patients in hospital, residential and community for fall prevention. The CareWatch has a volume, tempo and tone adjustable alarm as well as a low battery indicator and is fully water and incontinent resistant sensor pad for ultimate infection control. Our Carewatch Chair and Bed Alarm is supplied with nurse call interface, battery alarm pack and holder and is perfect for fall prevention in a variety of healthcare settings. Our Deafgard Emergency Alarm is the ultimate protection for your loved ones who are deaf or hard of hearing in fire and emergency situations. As soon as your fire or smoke alarm sounds, Deafgard will spring into action, vibrating and displaying bright flashing LED lighting as well as LCD screen displaying ‘FIRE’. It is sure to wake even the soundest sleeper into action.