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Equipment Brands

Adjusta Wedge Body Support

$275.00 GST Free
SKU: SMA115032003
$130.00 GST Free
SKU: SMA100011300
$120.00 GST Free
SKU: SMA100011000
$120.00 GST Free
SKU: SMA100011100
$90.00 GST Free
SKU: SMA100012200
$100.00 GST Free
SKU: SMA100711000
$180.00 GST Free
SKU: SMA100511000
From $130.00$150.00 GST Free
SKU: SMA115312003

Equipment Brands

Magnetic Ripple Pillow

$95.00 excl GST

$104.50 incl. GST

$104.50 incl. GST
SKU: SMA145312000
$120.00 GST Free
SKU: SMA100041300
$120.00 GST Free
SKU: SMA100031300
$120.00 GST Free
SKU: SMA100051300

Our range of pillows and pillowcases offers high levels of comfort, care and support and are ideal for patient comfort and hygiene. We supply body pillows, pregnancy pillows, breastfeeding pillows, sleep apnoea pillows, wedges, children pillows, memory foam pillows and more. These products can be used in hospitals, nursing homes, aged care facilities, community care environments and homecare. Our pillows and pillowcases are made with high quality materials to provide you with high levels of support and comfort within the bedroom setting. We offer many options and styles within our pillows and pillowcases including a variety of colours and styles. Our range of pillows are designed to to assist in relieving aches and pains and promotes healthy sleeping habits.