Bed and Equipment Protection

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Mattress Protectors & Slide Sheets

Disposable Waterproof Mattress Protector

$120.00 GST Free

Bed and Equipment Protection

Haines Disposable Trolley Cover

$129.00 excl GST

Bed and Equipment Protection

Haines Fitted Sheet

$124.00 excl GST

$136.40 incl. GST

$136.40 incl. GST
SKU: SMDSMS18770-40

Bed and Equipment Protection

Mackintosh Draw Sheets

$14.00 GST Free

Bed and Equipment Protection

Mackintosh Rolls

From $175.00$225.00 GST Free

We offer an extensive range of bed and equipment protection to protect your beds and equipment from fluid damage. Our range includes disposable waterproof mattress protectors, disposable trolley covers, fitted sheets, draw sheets and PVC rolls. Our products are a cost-effective alternative to purchasing and washing reusable materials and with their proven ability to inhibit bacterial growth, our range of products can improve infection control at your facility. Our products are suitable for hospitals, day surgeries, medical centres, aged care and more as they offer protection in higher infection risk situations. When unsoiled, our products are recyclable, offering an environmentally friendly solution to disposable infection control.