Ancillary Pressure Care & Sheepskin Footwear

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Safety and Mobility offer a huge assortment of ancillary pressure care and sheepskin footwear providing the highest levels of comfort, care and support. Our Shear Comfort range offers woollen heel protectors, pressure care boots for those at risk of skin ulcers on the foot and/or ankle, short and tall slipper boots, snug slippers to keep feet warm and protected indoors, wrap around boots, foot/calf protectors, elbow protectors for knock and injury prevention, overlays for added comfort while sitting and cushions which can attach to wheelchairs and reduce pressure points and the risk of skin issues. Our Shear Comfort designs include open toe to allow inspection and separation of toes without removing the shoes, closed toe designs for full foot protection, Velcro straps allowing the shoes to be opened fully and easily adjusted during swelling, low-profile rubber soles allowing outdoor use and soft soles for bed and indoor use. We also offer hip protectors, heel and elbow protectors with a silicone coating to eliminate friction and shear forces, gel heel protectors, convoluted foam heel and ankle pads for protection, bed heel elevators and raisers, leg supports for the prevention of pressure sores, foot drop and oedema, leg elevators which reduce swelling and reduce the risk of deep vein thromboses, knee leg supports, multiple use bed wedges in a variety of shapes and sizes and shin pads which help prevent ulcers and may also be used to protect arms.