Rehabilitation Walkers & Rollators

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Safety and Mobility offer high quality, lightweight and comfortable walkers and rollators to assist people with limited mobility or rehabilitating. Some of our designs offer frames and backrests that fold compactly for storage and transportation. Our rehabilitation walkers and rollators may feature height adjustable handles, locking handbrakes for extra stability, removable curved padded backrests for comfort and support, padded seats, slung seats, vinyl bags, removable zippered bags and walking stick and crutch holders, optional baskets are available for some designs. We offer rehabilitation walkers and rollators with wider seats and reinforced frames to support bariatric users. Our mobile tray walker is ideal for indoor use and features two removable trays that can assist with transporting of household items. We offer a knee walker with basket as a short-term alternative for crutches. It is best suited for someone rehabilitating with a foot or ankle injury that cannot weight bear on the affected area. We have a rehabilitation tri-wheel walker/rollator that folds easily for storage and transportation. We also supply an oxygen bottle carrier that can be clipped on to most walkers under the seat.