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Chair Belt

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The Chair Belt is made in two sections sewn together: one part to go around the patient's waist, and the other part to be fastened together behind the chair. The Belt will adjust to fit wheelchairs and lounge chairs. It is easy to move with the patient from lounge to commode chairs and can be used as a Gait Belt during the transfer.
  • As this Belt can be undone from the front, it is very easy to use
  • Depending upon the patient's individual sitting position, the belt can be worn around the pelvic area, below the waist
  • The two side straps should be wound around the back of the chair frame near to the pelvic area and buckled together behind the chair
  • When used on a wheelchair with removable arms, make sure the straps are wrapped around the main chair frame and not around the removable sections

Product Specifications

  • Minimum Length: 126cm
  • Maximum Length: 250cm