CuddleUp Pregnancy Support Full Size Body Pillow

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Product Code: SMA120114000

The extended length of our full sized total body CuddleUp Body Pillow offers comforting support from head to toe. 

Our full length overstuffed body pillow gives you a myriad of ways to get comfortable. The dynamic flexible design means that the perfect position can be achieved to relieve your individual aches and pains. No need for multiple pillows or shifting pillows as you toss and turn, as you can shift and readjust with the other side of the CuddleUp body pillow with ease.
Most health professionals recommend side sleeping as the optimal sleep position. The right body pillows can offer excellent support for side sleepers, chronic neck pain, back pain sufferers, and moms-to-be. And our complete body pillow comes with a high quality washable soft polycotton custom fitted Ivory coloured pillow cover. Stops restless tossing and turning and get the restorative, healthy sleep you need to feel good the next day.
  • Includes Cream Polly/Cotton Slip
  • Relieve painful pressure points
  • Reduces swelling by elevating body 
  • can assist reflux and breathing issues
  • Alleviate pressure post operation
  • Suits all body shapes and sizes
  • corrects spinal allingment to ease backache
  • can be used as a feeding pillow post birth
  • Slip available in other colours and materials, enquire for more details!

Product Specifications

  • Inner Cover: Polypropylene
  • Outer Cover: Polycotton
  • Filling: Polyester Polyfill
  • Australian Made