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Bariatric Pressure Care Mattress


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Product Code: SMBPCM

Upper layer contains Viscose pressure sensitive memory foam for temperature stability and optimal client comfort.

  • Ideal for hospitals, residential and community care
  • Suitable for bariatric clients
  • Water-based evaporative laminate
  • Stabilising sides facilitates client transfers and encourages central client positioning
  • 4-layered premium core
  • 2-way rotational
  • Multi-stretch pressure care cover is anti-microbial and resistant to body fluids
  • Purify Anti Microbial™ foam protects against yeast, bacteria and mold fungi growth
  • Optional aero flow profile ventilation

Product Specifications

  • Overall Width: 105cm, 115cm, 135cm or 145cm
  • Overall Length: 198cm or 203cm
  • Overall Depth: 18cm (SWL 150-350kg), 203cm (SWL 220-500kg)

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