Disposable Gloves

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Safety and Mobility offer a highly extensive range of high quality disposable gloves. We offer powder free or lightly powdered latex gloves which come in multiple sizes and colours. They are smooth, silicone free, strong, tactile and HACCP approved. The powder free high-risk latex gloves are three times thicker and offer a safer and cost-efficient option. Our heavy-duty vinyl gloves are latex free and offer superior thickness and strength; the gloves are ambidextrous and come in a range of sizes. We supply a range of nitrile gloves including 240mm, 300mm, 330mm long cuffs for extra arm protection; these gloves are ambidextrous, puncture resistant, offer wet and dry grip and are HACCP certified. We supply reusable, flocklined nitrile gloves for additional comfort and perspiration absorption and soft and ultrasoft nitrile gloves for an improved feel and sensitivity. We offer polyethylene embossed gloves in blue or clear which provide extra grip and offer an economical alternative for short term food handling. we also supply Progenics vinyl plus gloves, Prostretch powder free gloves and  tear and puncture resistant Silverlined rubber gloves offering flexibility and a diamond patterned grip.