Bedroom Accessories

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Our range of bedroom accessories include bed side wedges, backrest supports, blanket supports, bed and chair raisers, hair washing trays, leg lifters and rope ladder bed hoists. Our bed side wedges offer an alternative to restraints and can be used as a reminder for patients not to roll out of bed by strapping them onto the sides of the mattress. The wedges are encased in sleeves and offer support and comfort for the patient. Our adjustable backrests are designed with a wide aluminium frame to provide support, comfort and assistance while in bed. We offer blanket support structures designed with a lightweight aluminium frame which can keep linen off sensitive areas. These blanket supports can be easily installed and removed, and a height adjustable frame is available for thicker mattresses where greater clearance is required. We have a range of different bed and chair raisers which can be used for those who have difficulty with transfers. Our stackable raisers contain a non-slip rubber insert and are ideal for those with knee or hip injuries. The contoured bed hair washing tray can be used while lying down in bed and offers comfort and convenience for the user. Our bedroom accessories offer a high level of comfort, support and convenience which will be of assistance in the bedroom.