Theatre and Post-Operative Care Items

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Our theatre and post-operative care items offer a range of products suitable for pre, during and post-surgery use to provide support, care and protection for the user. We supply a few options for use after rotator cuff surgeries which include a shoulder abductor which can hold the arm at different angles and lengths from the hip, upper arm adductors and arm slings with abductor pillows. We offer a wide range of leg supports and elevators which prevent pressure sores, foot drop, oedema, swelling and avoids deep vein thromboses; femoral positioning rests which are used during hip replacement surgeries, knee leg supports, bed heel elevators and raisers to keep the heel off the bed while maintaining blood circulation and reducing pressure under the ankle, heel protectors for comfort and pressure build up prevention, birthing floor mattresses, multiple use bed wedges in a variety of shapes and sizes including pregnancy tilt wedges and shin pads which help prevent ulcers and may also be used to protect arms.