Comfort Care Tips For The Elderly

In Australia, comfort care is often referred to as palliative care. This type of care can be provided in the person’s home, a hospital or hospice, or in an aged care facility.

Comfort care is all about helping the elderly person live life as fully and comfortably as possible. This is especially the case if the person has a life-limiting illness.

Here are some tips for providing comfort care to elderly people.

Use Cushions That Ease The Pressure

Quite often, patients receiving comfort or palliative care are required to lie or sit in the same position for long periods of time due to mobility issues. This can cause pressure on certain parts of the body that will lead to pain and general discomfort.

To alleviate potential problems associated with limited mobility, there are pressure care cushions available to suit a variety of different patients. For example, these Gelina pressure care cushions with gel inserts are designed especially for relieving the discomfort from constant pressure. They provide both coccyx support and help to maintain the natural curve of the spine.

For patients who are confined to a wheelchair, these Dover pressure care cushions are designed specifically for that purpose. These inflatable cushions are made from neoprene and provide pressure relief just where it’s needed most.

Consider Pressure Relief Mattresses

To provide even more comfort for patients who are confined to bed, there are mattresses available that are designed to distribute weight evenly and help to alleviate pressure at the same time.

For example, the Floris king single mattress is made from 2 layers of dual-density foam with nubs that help to distribute the weight evenly over the mattress. This can even be rotated in order to provide comfort for long periods of time. The special foam used in these mattresses also offers protection from bacterial, yeast, or fungal growth. This is of ultimate importance for patients who are receiving comfort care.

To provide even more comfort and safety to elderly patients, the Freesia single concave mattress has slightly raised sides. This helps to make the patient feel safe and well-supported.

Make Daily Tasks As Easy And Comfortable As Possible

Normal daily tasks such as eating meals, reading, or doing a crossword become difficult and cumbersome when a person is confined to bed. For this reason, there are special tables that can be used to provide a greater level of comfort for the patient.

For example, this Beechwood table can be wheeled easily for patients who are confined to bed or just want to sit in a nice comfy armchair in front of the TV. This allows the person to eat a meal, read a paper, or do the daily crossword without having to sit up at a table.

In Summary

Providing excellent comfort care for elderly patients is all about making each day as comfortable and fulfilling as possible. There are many comfort aids available that will ensure that a person in a hospice or aged care facility can still enjoy daily activities free from pain or discomfort.

Even people who are receiving comfort care in their own homes can use these many aids to give them support and extra comfort when needed.

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