7 Disability Aids That You May Not Have Known Existed

7 Disability Aids That You May Not Have Known Existed

Day to day life for some people with disabilities may prove to be quite difficult in various aspects. Disability aids are specifically designed and made with the intent to provide help, support and added assistance for those who need. There is a highly extensive range of disability aids on the market that you can use for a variety of activities. The following will provide you with an insight into some aids you may not have known existed.


Commodes provide a very helpful system for those who have mobility and/or transfer difficulty between beds, chairs, stools, toilets and showers. A basic commode is a piece of furniture which can act as a portable toilet, over the toilet aid or transfer between shower and toilet. While some commodes will only offer one of the abovementioned functions, the Adjustable Width Bariatric Shower Chair/Stool/Commode offers a 3 in 1 chair with multiple functions. This chair is highly specialized as it caters for larger, bariatric clients. The structure can hold up to 200kg and can be adjusted between the arms to create a larger sitting space which provides ample space for the larger user. The structure is made of lightweight aluminum so it is perfect to be used in the shower as it will not rust. This commode is accompanied by a rear entry commode pot and removable backrest, what more could you ask for in a commode?


When using a commode with a detachable pot/pail, emptying and cleaning the pot/pail can be quite tedious, messy and laborious. However, a very clever invention exists to help with this exact task. An Absorber Bag – Disposable Commode Liner is a very helpful, easy and safe to use commode liner. This absorber bag can collect and hold up to 1.5L of bodily fluids, quickly turning it into a gel; this helps suppress any odours that may be looming. These disposable commode liners will fit most commode pots/pails and offers an easy system for carers to use providing a sanitary collection and cleaning method. These liners are highly helpful and well-designed to provide an easy, clean and safe experience, making commode cleaning a breeze.


When someone is living with incontinence, they may feel high levels of embarrassment and discomfort and may shy away from the spotlight. These feelings may lead to further perceptions of alienation and isolation which can be very lonely and saddening. It is therefore very important that discrete, unassuming incontinence aids exists to cover and conceal any incontinence issues. Unfortunately, many incontinence aids are visible, large and bulky. However, there is a solution! The well-known underwear and clothing brand BONDS ® have created a unique, fashionable and absorbent underwear range. The BONDS ® Hipster with incontinence pad offers user friendly, high quality underwear with sewn-in waterproof and absorbent incontinence pads for light incontinence. This underwear is available in a large range of sizes and offers custom made sizes giving everyone the opportunity to feel confident, comfortable and care-free when going about their daily life while living with incontinence.  


Getting dressed can be a time-consuming, difficult and challenging process for some people with disabilities especially when carers are needed to intervene and assist. Normal clothing may be limiting, uncomfortable and impractical. Adaptive clothing is a smart option to reduce the effort, time and challenges associated with getting dressed. Features such as Velcro, over-head ponchos, zips closing on the back and trousers with side openings offer a much friendlier and inviting clothing style for people with disabilities. Safety and Mobility offer a wonderful range of adaptive clothing such as Ladies’ PonchoLadies Day Dignity suitMen’s Petal Back Polo Shirt and Ladies/Men’s trousers with side opening.

Body suits are another option which are best suited for people who try to remove or destroy clothing. These Adult Short Sleeve Short Leg Body Suits offer high quality, comfortable, unisex designs which are highly durable and great for individuals to wear.


Within homes, hospitals, aged care facilities and residential and community care facilities it is important to monitor people at risks of falls or those who should not be getting out of bed. This is to maintain the person’s safety and to reduce the risk of any injuries or unwanted events from occurring. A handy aid that does just that is the MoveAlert Floor Mat with Alarm Sensor. This unique design allows you to place an alarmed mat alongside a patient’s bed which will alert nursing staff or a member of family when any weight is placed upon the mat. By alerting someone of movement out of bed the necessary precautions and safeguards can be put into action to ensure patient care and safety. This is a highly effective aid which should be used in all necessary settings.


Emergencies and evacuations can be overwhelming, frightening and fearsome leading to unsystematic and disorganized patient evacuations. Within hospitals and facilities, it is highly important to be able to evacuate all patients no matter what level of mobility they are. Disability aids need to come to the rescue and offer a viable, easy to operate option to retrieve and move immobile patients. The Evac+Chair offers the perfect solution with an easy to use, strong and reliable construction. This evacuation chair helps facilitate a quick and safe procedure to move patients in the event of an evacuation providing a great solution for a very tricky problem. Its well-designed frame and structure allows it to switch between flat ground and stairs with ease. This evacuation chair is a highly effective, well thought out disability aid that should be utilized in all facilities and hospitals.


People with mobility impairments and those who are recovering from surgery may find themselves sitting or lying down in one position for a long period of time. Specialized cushions such as the Askle Sante Cushion Range reduce the risk of further injuries and the formation of pressure sores by reducing the amount of pressure placed on a particular body area. This ensures minimal unnecessary injuries to skin, tissues, joints and muscles. Different cushion shapes and sizes offer different properties and provide relief to different body areas. For example, The Cylindrical Microbead Cushion supports the lower back and hips and relieves facet joint pains while the Elbow Microbead Cushion can be used to relieve elbow, hand, heel and head pain due to joint and nerve conditions. These cushion disability aids are highly beneficial and offer a multitude of uses including support, stability, pressure sore relief and off-loading abilities.

Disability aids come in all forms, shapes and sizes and offer help and assistance across a wide range of activities. Due to the highly extensive range of products on the market, it is very likely there is a disability aid that can help you with any specific problem/issue you may have. Safety and Mobility have highly trained staff that are happy and willing to help you find solutions for your disability needs. Have a look through our website to find many new, innovative, well-designed products that offer support, assistance and daily living improvements. You can find all featured products on the Safety and Mobility website.