How To Make Your Bathroom More Usable

How To Make Your Bathroom More Usable

While the bathroom may not be the best topic of conversation, it still remains a room in the house that we visit multiple times every single day. With the mixture of water and tiles, the bathroom can be a danger zone for slips, falls and injuries, so it’s very important that the bathroom is set up safely. In general, modifications can be made to your bathroom and toilet to help ensure your safety, increase independence and help prevent falls and injuries. Small modifications can be made to each section of your bathroom to help make it more usable and friendly.


1. Rails

Rails of all shapes and sizes can be installed next to your toilet to assist you when sitting down and standing up. These rails are useful for people who are unsteady, weaker or have difficulty lifting themselves up. Different styles of rails can be custom made to fit any area around the toilet and can provide small to large amounts of assistance.

2. Overtoilet aids

Overtoilet aids are another modification that can help you lower yourself down onto the toilet seat. These aids are placed above and/or around the toilet and create a higher seat, so you don’t have to bend down as much, this can be very helpful for people immediately post hip replacement surgery. These aids can also incorporate handrails either side of the toilet seat for you to hold, providing more stability and better control.

3. Buckingham Easy Wipe

If you are having difficulty with wiping, the Buckingham Easy Wipe is perfect to get you back to cleanliness and independence. This wiper acts like an extended hand, allowing you to grip the toilet paper and dispose of it at the touch of a button.


1. Rails

Similar to toilet rails, shower rails can be installed in and around the shower to provide some extra support and safety. These rails can be used to assist getting in and out of the shower, whilst showering or, they can be used to help with transfers. Installing rails is a good idea for anyone who is a bit unsteady or needs that extra bit of safety in the shower.

2. Shower Mats

Shower mats are placed on the floor in the shower and provide a surface for you to stand on. These mats are textured and provide friction to reduce the risk of slipping. The simple design is an easy way to make the shower more user friendly.

3. Shower chairs and stools

Shower chairs and stools are a great idea for people who are unable to maintain standing in the shower or for those at risk of falling. Shower chairs and stools are made with special materials that stop them from rusting in the shower. Using these chairs increases safety and can reduce the risk of falls.


1. Taps

Turning taps can be tricky when handles are stiff or when wrists and hands become weak. Tap turners are a great device to help you turn on and off your tap. Tap turners are clamped or fitted around the taps and provide a longer lever to help make turning the taps a lot easier.

2. Bathboards

When stepping in and out of the bath becomes difficult or dangerous there are two main aids that can help you out. A bathboard is placed across the top of a bathtub, securing at the edges. Once the bathboard is in place the user sits on the edge then lifts and swivels their legs into the bathtub. Once this is done, they can transfer from the bathboard into the bath. This handy device allows for safer and easier transfers in and out of the bath when stepping in and out is too hard.

3. Bath transfer benches

Transfer benches work in a similar way to bathboards. In addition, they provide more support with backrests and various additional functions. Transfer benches have four legs and are positioned with two legs in the bathtub and the other two legs on the bathroom floor. The same approach is used for bath transfer benches as with bathboards to get into the bath. Some transfer benches have a sliding seat or built in commode. Bath transfer benches can also be used as seats for bathing and showering.

While the toilet and bathroom can be a place of many accidents, falls and injuries, it’s great to know that there are a whole range of products and equipment that can help make them safer and easier to use. For any further information on making your bathroom and toilet more user friendly, speak to our friendly staff at Safety and Mobility who will happily provide you with more details and further information.