Key Over Toilet Aids for the Disabled and Elderly

Going to the toilet is something that happens frequently throughout the day. While it might seem a simple enough task for many adults, for elderly and disabled people it can get a little trickier. Over toilet aids can be a simple way of making the experience easier and promoting independence where possible. The right over toilet aid can help enhance both the safety and the comfort of the user, as well as make getting on and off the toilet less of a struggle. 

If you or someone you are responsible for might be at risk of injuring themselves in the bathroom then you should begin to look into the wide range of over toilet aids available to make the trip easier and safer. Some key over toilet aids for disabled and elderly people include toilet surrounds and safety arms, raised toilet seats and over toilet aids. 

Toilet Surrounds and Safety Arms

For some disabled or elderly people getting on and off the toilet can be challenging due to an impairment in their strength, coordination or balance. If the person needs additional help in lowering themselves down to the toilet or raising themselves up onto their feet, then toilet surrounds or safety arms might be an effective choice. 

Toilet surrounds or safety arms offer hand grips for the user to hold on to as they lower themselves onto the toilet. They are normally adjustable and easy to install, often requiring nothing more than being placed over the toilet. This is usually easier and far more budget friendly than having arm rails built into the bathroom, as such rails can be costly to install and remove when compared to simple toilet surrounds.  

Raised Toilet Seat

Sometimes elderly or disabled people already have handholds installed but still find it difficult to lower themselves down to the seat, or they find that if the seat was raised it would be easier to use the toilet. In these cases installing a raised toilet seat can be a simple solution. Raised toilet seats clamp onto the existing seat and provide a raised platform to support the user. This can be an easy way to make going to the bathroom more comfortable, and comes with the added benefit that such seats are normally quick to install and transport, meaning that they can be reused in multiple locations. 

Over Toilet Aid

Finally, there is the over toilet aid. Over toilet aids combine the best of toilet safety arms and raised toilet seats to provide a safe and comfortable way of transferring to and from the toilet. Over toilet seats are normally height adjustable, offer a raised seat to sit on and hand holds to assist in transfers. They are installed by being placed over the toilet, meaning that they can be taken down or replaced quickly and easily. They are an ideal toilet aid for disabled and elderly people who have hip, knee or leg injuries that impair them from lowering themselves down to the toilet safely and comfortably.