Rehabilitation Exercise Therapy

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Our exercise therapy equipment is designed for patient rehabilition and features equipment such as pedal exercisers, post-operative steps and Thera-putty. We have two pedal exercisers available which aid in building greater leg muscle tone through increased leg movement. The pedals contain foot-straps to prevent the feet from slipping and the machines are tension adjustable to suit the user’s level.  The digital pedal exerciser digitally calculates the user’s speed, distance and exercise time. Our post-operative steps are available in a single or double step design. They provide easy access to beds, baths, tall cupboards and other household areas. The rubber textured top provides grip and prevents feet from slipping. Safety and Mobility also provide a range of items designed for resistance therapy and building strength. Our Thera-putty is available in six different colours which indicate their level of resistance. Thera-putty is used to develop hand muscle strength, tone, endurance and movement and meets a wide range of strengthening needs for hands. It is clean, non-toxic and does not adhere to the skin.  Similarly, we are proud to supply the TheraBand range of products which includes both the 45.5m and 5.5m dispenser boxes; ideal for physiotherapy rooms or aged care/hospital/facility use. TheraBand is the recognised name when it comes to resistance exercise banding!