Therabeads® Microwave Moist Heat Packs Enlarge

Therabeads® Microwave Moist Heat Packs

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Product Code: SMPAT61710

  • When heated in a microwave oven, TheraBeads® release their retained moisture, providing pain-relieving therapeutic moist heat relief from stress, tension, aches and pains without chemicals, boiling water, gels or plastics
  • After treatment, the TheraBeads® recover moisture from ambient air, so they can be used indefinitely

Available in three sizes:

  • Standard Pack (SMPAT-A61710) - 23 x 30cm
  • Half Size Pack (SMPAT-A61711) - 13 x 28cm
  • Cervical Pack (SMPAT-A617100) - 17 x 56cm

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