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ACTION© Pilot Cushion

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Product Code: SMMC1900

Medium level pressure care cushion with quality cubed AKTON® polymer on solid closed cell foam base that helps to promote postural support, even pressure distribution and provides significant shock and impact absorption.

  • Isolates and protects areas where shear forces and pressure points are prevalent
  • AKTON® polymer, unlike fluid gel, does not displace from areas requiring pressure relief
  • Cubed profile allows increased air circulation
  • Pad is sealed by a waterproof film within a breathable cover and non-slip base
  • Pad does not promote bacterial growth making it ideal for multi-client use
  • Suitable for bariatric users

Product Specifications

Product Code Width Depth Height SWL
SMMC1900 41cm 41cm 2.5cm unlimited
AK9005  46cm 41cm 2.5cm unlimited
AK9008  46cm 46cm 2.5cm unlimited
AK902016 50cm 41cm 2.5cm unlimited
AK902018 50cm 46cm 2.5cm unlimited
AK902020  50cm 50cm 2.5cm unlimited