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  • Riester Ri-Former Mobile Diagnostic Station

Riester Ri-Former Mobile Diagnostic Station

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Product Code: SMPMD-DIA-1181

Riester ri-former, modular LED diagnostic mobile station. 

Riester ri-former mobile station includes:

  • 1 x Mobile diagnostic ri-former 2 handles 3.5 V / 230 V without clock, specula holder and mobile stand
  • 1 x ri-scope L2 otoscope head LED 3.5 V, anti-theft
  • 1 x ri-scope L2 ophthalmoscope head LED 3.5 V, anti-theft

The basic module is available and can be supplemented with up to 2 more handle modules, a sphygmomanometer and a thermometer. With its centralised power supply and LED illumination, ri-former LED is practically maintenance free.

3 year warranty for LED version, including the LEDs. White, bright, and cool LED illumination. Option available with 3,5V Xenon illumination. The handles switch on and off automatically when removed or replaced in the handle unit. The adjustable light intensity setting is maintained until next examination. Ergonomic and non-slip. Rheotronic: enables continuously adjustable brightness as well as manual switching on and off. The spiral cord is 3m long.

Modular unit can be extended with other instruments/accessories.