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  • ROHO® Quadtro Cushion High Profile

ROHO® Quadtro Cushion High Profile

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Product Code: SMMC2930

High level pressure care cushion with interconnected high profile cells to promote blood circulation to assist in pressure prevention, healing and relief.

  • Ideal for clients who require a high risk pressure cushion
  • High profile cells allow greater depth immersion, providing a higher level of pressure care
  • Flexible cells adapt to patient contours and reduce shear forces while transferring or repositioning
  • Greater contact area allows pressure to be dispersed and minimised
  • Air pressure is adjustable and can be customised
  • After air pressure is adjusted, ISOFLO valve prevents air flow between quadrants, assisting the positioning and postural stability of the client
  • Durable neoprene construction is soft to suit skin sensitivity, and is easily cleaned
  • Breathable zippered lycra cover with a non-slip base included
  • Supplied with pump
  • Suitable for bariatric clients as there is no maximum user weight

Product Specifications

Product Code Width Depth Height SWL
SMMC2930 38cm 38cm 10cm unlimited
QS89C 38cm 43cm 10cm unlimited
QS98C 43cm 38cm 10cm unlimited
QS99C 43cm 43cm 10cm unlimited
QS910C 43cm 47cm 10cm unlimited
QS109C 47cm 43cm 10cm unlimited
QS1010C 47cm 47cm 10cm unlimited
QS1110C 52cm 47cm 10cm unlimited
QS1111C 52cm 52cm 10cm unlimited