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Shower Chair Cape

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Product Code: SM290

This cape gives dignity when taking patients to and from the shower room.

  • The cape is easy to put on by simply putting it over the patient's head
  • The cape is longer at the back seam, so for some awkwardly shaped patients, the cape can have a seam at the front if extra covering is needed
  • A small slot is provided in the ribbed collar in case elastic is needed to thread through the neckline
  • The shower capes are made in a variety of patterns and colours for females and in a plain pale blue for males
  • The material is a polycotton that will not stretch and will dry quickly if accidentally wet in the shower room
  • Washing: Hand or machine wash only, up to 80°C. Do not tumble dry or wring - air dry only

Product Code 290: Female Patterns
Product Code 291: Male Patterns